A TOWN will come together to tell the story of Jesus' final hour for its annual Passion Play today.

The Bishop Auckland Fellowship of Christian Churches (BAFCC) will present On This Day - an outdoor play which aims to "ask questions and seek answers" over Jesus' crucifixion.

This outdoor play will take place in Bishop Auckland Market Place.

The group has gathered every Good Friday for more than a decade to remember the solemn day, either with a dramatic piece or with a Walk for Witness followed by a service.

The BAFCC has decided that this year’s enactment will signal the transition from the way Good Friday is being remembered to next year’s full outdoor drama of the Passion of Jesus - the production that has been performed in London’s Trafalgar Square for almost a decade.

This year’s outdoor production focusing on only a selection of the final Passion scenes will provide a taste of what is to come.

The cast s made up of amateur volunteers drawn from the town and the county and supported by businesses. The role of Jesus will be performed by Alex Jones, a young drummer and church youth group leader from Gainford.

The cast will also be joined by the Bishop of Durham, Reverend Paul Butler, who will end the morning's presentation with thoughts, prayer and a blessing.

Everyone is invited to the Market Place for 9.30am before the play at 10am.

There will also be an information gazebo for Passion Play 2020, to enable everyone to sign up to get involved and/or to receive more information.

The Fellowship has been in existence since 1981 and brings different denominations together, to respect and embrace the different churches fundamental structures and theologies.