A CANCER survivor who has raised thousands of pounds for good causes is appealing for sponsorship for her forthcoming parachute jump after a thief stole her previous funds.

Kath Malone, of Darlington, had a charity box on the bar at the Tubwell Tap public house in the town centre so that drinkers could donate funds to her jump, in aid of breast cancer research.

But a month ago a thief took the box off the bar and smuggled it away in a bag.

When bar staff realised it was missing, the incident was reported to police and CCTV footage handed over.

Now Ms Malone needs to replace the money she raised, to have the £200 she needs to take part in the 10,000 ft jump at Shotton Colliery, County Durham, in June.

She is hoping to raise up to £1,000 overall.

She has raised thousands for cancer research charities as well as the North East Autism Society over the years after being diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of just 21.

She said: "I caught it just in time. I went for my six-week postnatal check after having my son and they found out I had stage two cancer.

"If it wasn't for my son then I wouldn't be here today."

Maurice Siddall, who Ms Malone has cared for for 16 years, said: "She raises all this money for charity and doesn't get any credit for it.

"Then this low life goes and steals the money off the bar."

Ms Malone does at least three events a year, including Race for Life and the Spectrum Run for autism, as well as It's a Knockout.

She recently shaved all her hair off for cancer research charities.

She said: "Each time I try to go one bigger.

"I thought, why not do a parachute jump this time.

"I don't even like flying, but it seemed bigger than anything I've done before so I thought I'd try it."

She said she didn't know how much was in the charity box when it was stolen but it meant she had had to start fundraising again from scratch.

Ms Malone also recognised the thief from the CCTV footage when she was visiting a sick relative in hospital but did not want to approach him so contacted police. But she said they told her they couldn't do anything.

Durham Constabulary was contacted for comment.

Anyone who wants to donate to Kath's fundraising can visit the Tubwell Tap.