A MAN convicted of biting his victim and urinating in the back of a police van stormed out of court when magistrates imposed a curfew.

Lee Adams, 44, of Ford Terrace, Chilton, near Ferryhill, admitted charges of assault by beating, criminal damage and a public order offence before magistrates in Newton Aycliffe this week.

Lesley Burgess, prosecuting, said: "On October 11 last year a PCSO was around Ferryhill marketplace. He saw Mr Adams who was very agitated.

"He was erratic and under the influence of something. The officer was telling Mr Adams there were children around as it was late afternoon, and warning him about his behaviour.

"The defendant shouted 'get out of my f*****g face and started calling him a cardboard copper.

"He was face to face with the PCSO, who had to step backwards. He was very threatened by the defendant's behaviour.

"He then began to walk off. There was a very young child who was nearby and the child said 'he is a naughty man', so the child obviously could clearly hear and see what was going on at the time."

The PCSO watched the defendant walk down the road and start fighting with another man.

"This man describes being pushed with an open palm, he stumbles back with the defendant on top of him," said Ms Burgess.

"The defendant is arrested, transported to the police station in the back of a caged vehicle, and urinates in the back of the police van."

The victim had bite marks as a result of the altercation, she said.

Michael Clarke, mitigating on behalf of Adams, said he apologised and that he had too much to drink and had little recollection of what had occurred.

Adams had recently come out of prison following a number of court appearances and had picked up a subutex addiction while inside.

Mr Clarke said: "Hopefully he will put his house in order and try and not have any further court appearances."

Magistrates imposed a 12 month community order, a three month curfew from 7pm to 7am, ordered him to pay a total of £200 compensation and £85 court costs.

Before they had finished sentencing him, he stormed out of court, while his solicitor apologised for his behaviour.