A SECURITY guard was seen discharging a taser, as if it was “a pastime”, a court heard.

Visitors to a site in Wingate observed Zafer Khan Sultani firing the stun gun, which also doubles as a torch, on May 20 last year.

Durham Crown Court heard there could be no doubt that it was a taser, as it is marked with the words ‘stun gun’, and the defendant was clearly seen to be discharging it, that evening.

The defendant, of Clifton Road, Newcastle, was initially charged with possessing a firearm with intent to cause a fear of violence.

He denied that allegation, but admitted a new count alleging possession of a prohibited weapon.

Martin Towers, prosecuting, said those pleas were, “acceptable” to the Crown.

“It was discharged, but the Crown has looked at this by adopting a proportionate approach to the circumstances, as its accepted there was no intention on the part of the defendant to frighten anyone.

“He was at work as a security guard and it was used as a torch, but it had the words ‘stun gun’ on the bottom, so there’s no question of it being a ‘disguised’ weapon.

“He’s of previous good character and has little familiarity with the English language.

“He was discharging it as a pastime, as was stated by the two witnesses who visited the site that evening. It’s plain he knew what it could do, because he was discharging it on a frequent basis.”

Judge Prince adjourned the case to allow preparation of a background report on Sultani by the Probation Service, but told his barrister, Jamie Adams: “There’s no promises that it will be anything other than custody in this case.”

Sultani, 51, was bailed pending sentence on April 12.