PROTESTS are growing over plans for a new housing estate that objectors say will make a dangerous access worse, and be of no benefit to the community.

Developers Barratt say the site for 120 homes on a former chicken farm at Sandhills Lane, Aiskew, Bedale is a sustainable development which will add to the overall quality of the area.

But 150 residents have signed a letter of objection, and many others have submitted their own concerns to Hambleton District Council.

Resident Brian Prattley said the plans show houses have been crammed onto the site with numbers increasing from an original 105 to 120, the number of affordable homes has been halved to 12.5 per cent and there had been no consideration for problems with the access off an existing mini roundabout.

He said: “I got signatures from 150 people, each one of them adamant that it is such a bad idea. It is an absolute mess. They have tried to get as many houses on the site as possible, it looks like a board for snakes and ladders.

“Everybody I spoke to was so unhappy. The access is already dangerous. The numbers of cars will increase by 100 per cent coming up Sandhill Lane. There is restricted vision and no pavement on part of it. I was confronted by a mother with a pushchair recently, there is nowhere for people to go.”

Mr Prattley said Barratt should have created another access on the A684. He added: “Everyone is so disgruntled with this, it is going to mean an increase in cars using that road of at least 100 per cent.

“And there is concern over the effect on the over-stretched doctors’ surgery in Bedale, this is of great concern to all in the area.”

In their planning statement Barratt say: “This is a sustainable development which will function well and add to the overall quality of the area, not just for the short term but over the lifetime of the development. The proposals will establish a strong sense of place with dwellings and landscape to create an attractive and comfortable place to live and visit.

“The addition of the green public open space is an asset for the local area. The proposal creates a safe and accessible environment where crime and disorder, and the fear of crime do not undermine the quality of life and community cohesion.”

The planning application is due to be decided before March 28.