A POLICE operation targeting nuisance bikers has resulted in five off-road bikes and mopeds being removed from the streets.

Traffic teams teamed up with neighbourhood officers as part of a day of action in Darlington which saw both plain-clothed and overt police patrol the town to combat antisocial riders.

Officers seized two off-road bikes at Maidendale Nature Reserve for having no insurance, one of which was being ridden by a 12-year-old boy.

They also seized a quad, which was being ridden by a man in his 40s who had a seven-year-old boy sat on the front of the bike.

The Northern Echo:

Seized quad-bike

The rider of the quad and the 19-year-old rider of the other off-road bike were reported for traffic offences.

Officers also seized two mopeds, both of which were carrying passengers. One rider was reported for traffic offences, while the other rider failed to stop for police. They later abandoned the moped and officers were able to seize it.

The pre-planned operation was part of Operation Endurance – Durham Constabulary’s crackdown on those who ride bikes and quads illegally.

The Northern Echo:

Anti-social bikers targeted by police

Inspector Chris Knox, from Darlington Neighbourhood Police Team, said: “We understand and share the community’s frustrations with these riders, who terrorise communities with their brazen disregard for the law, and for their fellow road users or pedestrians.

“People’s safety is our top priority, and as these results show we have children as young as seven putting not only themselves in danger, but other roads users as well.

“These bikes are causing a major nuisance in our community and we will not tolerate it. We will continue to gather intelligence on those who ride illegally and antisocially, and will take action and seize bikes where we can.

“Offenders also need to know that if they are riding bikes in any public area, including nature reserves, they need the appropriate insurance cover to do so.”

The Northern Echo:

One of the off-road bikes seized by police

He added: “With plain-clothed officers taking part in the operation, these antisocial and illegal riders will need to be constantly looking over their shoulder as we will catch up with them sooner or later.”

Anyone with any information on illegal or antisocial riding should email opendurance@durham.pnn.police.uk