BULLDOGS of all colours, shapes and sizes descended on a North-East park at the weekend for a fundraising event.

The Edward Foundation rehomes unwanted and mistreated bulldogs and spends £7,000 a month in vets fees alone.

North-East co-ordinator Lee Turner, who has two bulldogs of his own, organised the bulldog walk in South Park, Darlington which helped raise £187 as 40 bulldogs and their owners took part.

He said bulldogs were often given up by owners because of their needs as they often need a special diet and have issues with breathing which are mostly caused by unorthodox backyard breeding. They are sometimes required to have expensive nose and throat operations as a result.

And he said bulldogs are often bought cheaply by unscrupulous owners and used as practice dogs for fighting.

"They are so friendly," he said. "They have got right little personalities. We had a lot of new faces turn up yesterday and it was good to socialise the dogs."