TEESSIDE chef Annabel wowed the judges once again on tonight’s episode of BBC cooking show Masterchef, sailing through to knockout week.

Annabel, who impressed hosts John Torode and Gregg Wallace in the opening show to make it to the quarter-finals, presented her take on venison.

On Friday night’s show contestants had to cook a game dish for Torode, Wallace and special guest food critic William Sitwell, below.

The Northern Echo:

Earlier, Wallace asked Annabel, 22: “Have you seen much game in Middlesbrough?”  

“We’ve got the North Yorkshire Moors, so there’s quite a lot there,” she replied.

“I mean, I haven’t shot anything, but I’ll cook it.”

Described as a ‘a classic cook’, she dished up panko and parmesan crusted venison on truffle mash with Swiss chard, butternut squash, beetroot puree and shallot rings served with a red wine sauce.

Torode had earlier said with an air of concern: “That is a lot for a poor piece of Venison to handle”.

However, Sitwell said: “You have created a soft and beautifully textured piece of meat. I have never heard of putting a parmesan crust with it, it is a clever way of seasoning.

“I think this is an epic dish. It is a perfect example of why game should be on more menus.”

Wallace said: “It is enough to make me want to bounce up and down and dance.”

Annabel said: “I can't believe William said that about my food. I am astounded.

"You don't know how much it means until someone says such glorious stuff about your food."

Making their decision on who went through to knockout week, Torode said: "Annabel is 22 years old. She has never cooked venison before. That was a triumph."

Wallace added: "Beautiful flavours, Annabel is a talent."