POLICE have been forced to issue a warning to owners of 'high-performance' cars after a spate of home break-ins across the region.

North Yorkshire Police warned drivers of these types of vehicles to remain 'vigilant' against criminals who break into homes and steal car keys.

The force said burglars were specifically targeting homes where BMWs, Audis and Mercedes vehicles are parked on the driveway.

Detective chief inspector Dave Ellis said: “Burglars will look for easy targets and will check firstly for insecure properties and vehicles, so it’s advisable before you go to bed each evening to check that your car is safe, the keys are secure and all your doors and windows are closed and secure.

“The more difficult you can make if for potential burglars, the less likely they are to strike, so these are steps well worth taking."

"Don’t leave any keys in view, ensure any gates are locked and if possible, use another vehicle as a barrier to deter criminals. I’d also ask residents to remain vigilant for any suspicious activity.

"If you see anything which seems out of the ordinary, please report it to police on 101."


Earlier this month, Cleveland Police issued a warning to keyless car owners after a Ford Fiesta ST-2 Turbo was stolen near Middlesbrough.