A HISTORIC castle has unveiled a visitor attraction offering guests the chance to explore the past.

Lumley Castle in Chester-le-Street is welcoming adventurers to take part in a thrilling game to reveal the tragic story of its most famous ghost.

The castle – which has played host to kings, princes and countless visitors over 630 years – is launching a new escape room based on a 14th century legend.

Escape room creator Sam Lupton said: "The aim is to try and discover the mystery of Lily of Lumley and try and free her from the curse which is keeping her trapped inside Lumley castle.

“Lily is a ghost you may meet during the game but don't worry she is friendly and on your side.

"It’s very exciting there are lots of affects, we think we have come up with something that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the UK and maybe the world.

“Lumley castle approached us with the idea and by pure coincidence we had a meeting earlier where we discussed wanting to do something in a castle."

The attraction will retell the story of Lady Lily of Lumley who supposedly lived during the 1300s with her beloved husband Sir Ralph Lumley.

Tales passed down over generations claim she was pushed down a well by Catholic priests for renouncing her faith.

Staff and visitors are convinced they have seen her grey figure walking the hallways and many guests have refused to spend the night in room 46 in fear she will haunt their dreams.

The escape room sees a team of would-be detectives use their investigative skills to try and escape the game using clues hid around the room.

They have one hour to solve the puzzle and are helped by hints given by staff.

Workers monitor the group using cameras and microphones and point them in the right direction with help from a trustee raven inside the the room.

The hotel has teamed up with Escape Rooms Durham to deliver the new attraction.

Lumley Castle’s sales manager, Lauren Colledge, said the event was a major development for the hotel and the region.

She said: “Lumley Castle’s charm is that its history – from its medieval construction to some of the finest Georgian plasterwork in existence – is evident at every turn.

“Guests can even sleep in the four-poster bed once occupied by King James I on a visit north to Scotland, so creating a new attraction within the castle itself is no mean feat.

“The ancient cellars are the perfect setting for a game which sets visitors the task of unlocking the secret of a tragic heroine and we are confident the new escape room will be an asset to the hotel and to the wider region.”

The attraction is the first escape room in the country to be sited within a historic site and will be open to the public on 14 February.

It is recommended for groups of between two and six players and suitable to families and anyone over the age of ten.

For more information or to make a booking visit escapedurham.co.uk or email team@escapedurham.co.uk