A COUPLE have converted their farm into holiday cottages as they retire from a life in the fields.

William Heslop, 66, and wife, Ann Lovegreen, 57, of Gilling West near Richmond, North Yorkshire, spent more than five years converting a beef cattle farm, which had been in the family for “hundreds of years.”

Refurbishment began in 2014 and was finally completed in 2018 with their third cottage finally opening in May.

Since then, the couple claim they are on track to make their money back as their venture has already earned £30,000.

They said they were also thinking about building a fourth cottage to keep up with demand.

Mrs Lovegreen, who let the cottages through Sykes Holiday Cottages, said: “Holiday letting has had a really positive impact on both of our lives.

“We weren’t sure what to expect before we welcomed our first guests, but we’ve loved meeting people from all walks of life and creating a home away from home for them to enjoy.

“Diversifying our farm was a huge risk, but definitely one that’s paid off - developing the cottages has really allowed us to rejuvenate the farm, by renovating old buildings that others may have just demolished.”

The couple kept one barn, and some animals to maintain their passion for farming.