STUCK for a little bit of inspiration this Christmas with your Elf on the Shelf?

It's that time of the year again where parents send their children off to bed and then have to start stifling their giggles over their elf's latest bit of late night mischief.

But as ideas run out, parents have breathed a sigh of relief after cottoning on to a new hack that can see the naughty elf trapped inside your TV. And all that's needed is a television and Youtube.

Those with a smart TV can go onto the Youtube app, type in 'Elf stuck in TV' and santa's little helper will appear 'trapped' behind the screen.

Beside the cheeky face reads the message: "I hit the wrong button on the remote. How do I get out of here?"

The hack is being shared by parents who don't have to worry about what the elf will be getting up to for at least one night.