A PENSIONER has received thousands of pounds in an out of court settlement after claiming her dentist caused her potential tooth loss.

Josephine Lavender from Durham said she first visited dentist Dr Martin Anderson of the former Wessington Way Dental Practice in October 2002.

She complained a number of times to Dr Anderson about toothache, but claims he consistently failed to spot and treat decay. Dr Anderson did not admit liability.

The 67-year-old said: “I feel so let down. Dr Anderson was my long-term dentist but despite all my trips to see him he could never resolve my problems. Aside from the pain and the time I’ve wasted in the dentist’s chair, I’m now going to lose three of my teeth for nothing.”

Over the years the retiree said she visited Dr Anderson for regular check-ups where he undertook examinations and placed fillings telling her to use Sensodyne toothpaste for her recurring toothache.

Mrs Lavender claims she saw Dr Anderson about seven times in 2005 and 2006 alone and eventually the pain started to subside, but it didn’t last long.

Between 2007 and 2012 Mrs Lavender’s toothache returned on numerous occasions. She said the filling Dr Anderson had replaced kept breaking and the dentist had to repair it on five different occasions.

She said he finally told her that root canal treatment was required at the tooth in 2012.

Mrs Lavender said: “I still trusted him so let him go ahead with the procedure.

“In hindsight the endless problems with my teeth seem ridiculous. But I just thought they were getting weak and that it was part and parcel of getting old. You just trust your dentist knows what they’re doing.”

Mrs Lavender said her new dentist was shocked by Dr Anderson’s treatment. He immediately removed decay at two of her teeth, and claimed the previous treatment was inadequate.

She contacted the Dental Law Partnership for help, settling the case in 2018 where she received £11,500 compensation. Dr Anderson did not admit liability.

The Northern Echo was unable to reach Dr Anderson for comment but was told his practice had been taken over by a new practice with a new team.