A PROGRAMME aided at restoring rare books has been re-launched for another year.

Durham Cathedral’s adopt a book programme, which is now in its third year, gives people the opportunity to restore a book of their choosing from its extensive early printed collections.

Since in launched in 2016, more than £20,000 has been donated towards the restoration of 83 books.

Sarah-Jane Raymond, the cathedral’s assistant library, said: ‘We are indebted to our Adopt-a-Book donors for helping us conserve and care for the books in our care – helping to preserve them for the future generations who will someday pass through the doors of Durham Cathedral’s Refectory Library. We are excited at the thought of repairing even more of our beautiful books.”

The cost of adopting a book starts from £50, but prices differ depending on the level of conservation they need. All restoration work is completed by Louis Valentine at the Carronvale Book Bindery in Falkirk, Scotland.

A launch event was held last night in the refectory library, which is not usually open to the public.

Event sponsor Daniel Roe, chief executive of Concision, said: “We believe in the power of the written word, and are delighted to be part of helping make these unique books available once again to readers, researchers, historians and the public.”