OUR pick of today's TV

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor (BBC2, 8pm)

IT'S BBC Music Day on Friday, and the Trust Me team are getting in the mood by asking whether singing and dancing can give you a natural high similar to that experienced by runners _ and if so, what that might mean for our approach to mental health.

Psychiatrist Alain Gregoire explores the research suggesting that music can help speed up recovery from post-natal depression, which affects one in 10 news mothers, while Dr Zoe Williams discovers that singing, along with exercise, social interaction and changes in diet, can also improve the health of those living with dementia.

Upstart Crow (BBC2, 8.30pm)

WILL decides to write a play about the life of Julius Caesar, but he is unsure about how to deal with his assassination.

After all, Her Majesty is not likely to approve of any play about killing the head of state, and Robert Greene is particularly keen to label Will a traitor. Meanwhile, things are not going well in the theatre either. Burbage is hogging the limelight and the other players have decided to get together and depose him. Starring David Mitchell, Harry Enfield and Mark Heap.

Joanna Lumley's Silk Road Adventure (ITV, 9pm)

AS her Silk Road journey continues, Joanna travels to the Islamic Republic of Iran, where she meets many people eager to share the culture and innovations of the Persian civilisation, which spread far beyond modern day Iran.

From ancient water gardens created to be paradise on Earth, through desert cities, endless bazaars and majestic mosques, Joanna discovers a country brimming with hospitality and warmth. Her Iranian adventure finishes in the Persian Empire's ancient ceremonial capital, Persepolis.

Peston (ITV, regions vary)

ROBERT PESTON'S political magazine show is moving from Sunday mornings to Wednesday nights.

If you're wondering if there are any internal ITV politics behind that decision, it seems there's actually a very simple explanation - the powers-that-be noticed that the evening repeat got twice as many viewers as the original broadcast and decided to embrace it by making the programme a night-time show. Now that question is taken care of, Peston can concentrate on some of their other bigger issues facing Britain today - and there's plenty to choose from. The presenter and his co-host Anushka Asthana will be speaking to guests from across the political spectrum about the latest developments in Westminster and, of course, Brexit.

The National Lottery Awards 2018 (BBC1, regions vary)

ALTHOUGH it's not the first thing on many people's minds when they buy a ticket, the National Lottery does fund a lot of good causes.

This award show sets out to recognise the work of some of those projects and the difference they have made to their communities. Ore Oduba hosts the ceremony, while celebrities including Christopher Eccleston, Meera Syal, Michael Sheen, Shirley Ballas, Stephen Mangan, Katherine Jenkins, David Haye, Maya Jama and Roman Kemp will be dishing out the trophies - and in some cases surprising the winning organisations. The Lottery has also provided funding for sportsmen and women across the UK, and for the first time this year, there's also an Athlete Award, as voted for the by the public.

Alex (C4, 11.05pm)

NEW series. Swedish thriller about a crooked cop who is racked with guilt after accidentally killing his partner and best friend Martin in a gunfight, and decides to go straight, but it proves easier said than done.

As Alex struggles to cover the tracks that connect him to the scene of his best friend's death, he is assigned a new partner, by-the-book cop Frida Kanto. Starring Dragomir Mrsic, Rakel Warmlander, Maximilian Mrsic, Jerker Fahlstrom and Anja Lundqvist. In Swedish.