TWO dogs are looking for a new forever home after being rescued from the side of a road in Bulgaria.

Maya and Martha were rescued by the Give Hope to a Dog team.

Christine Kipling, of the group, said the dogs hid from cars and people that were cruel to them.

"It wasn't easy to come close to them but we kept feeding them, eventually managing to catch the mummy and bring her to the vet. There she was spayed and then returned to her family," she said. "After a little while and numerous attempts of trying to save any of the puppies, we managed to catch Maya and Martha; they were the lucky ones because sadly the rest of the family were poisoned by locals."

For the past two years the small group has been taking care of Maya and Martha and had to place them in different kennels so they could have the best life conditions they could.

"We have been looking for a home for these two lovely girls for all this time," Ms Kipling added. "Despite them being the cutest puppies in the world nobody was interested to adopt them, to give them some more love and care which is what they deserve.

"As time kept passing, they were growing up and learning. Maya always remained the quiet and shy one who followed her brave sister Martha. They are the greatest duo in the world; they do everything together and adore running and playing.

"Maya finally gained some confidence and trust in humans, Martha has not changed, always so energetic. And they keep growing and learning new things every day.

"They have been hoping and waiting for a kind soul to open their heart to them and welcome them into their home.

"They just want to make your home a happy place, filling your heart with warmth and to give you their devotion.

"Despite all the trouble they have been through they still have hope. Please don't let their hope die; don't let these two wonderful young dogs grow old in a kennel with high fences. They deserve so much more than that."

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