A £9 MILLION refurbishment of Whitby’s famous piers is due to start this month.

The Whitby Piers Coast Protection Scheme will involve improving the condition of the aged structures by stabilising their external sandstone blocks, filling in major voids with concrete and repairing the top surface to prevent damage from water when waves overtop. In addition, a “flood diverter wall” is proposed at Battery Parade to lessen the impact of storm water on properties along Pier Road.

The piers were built in the 18th century from sandstone, with the extensions and footbridges added in the early 20th century, but in recent years there has been concern over the condition of the structures.

The latest work is will be undertaken in two phases to allow for the winter period when work will not be possible due to the weather and sea conditions.

Scarborough Borough Council has announced phase one will take place from this month until November with work being concentrated on the West Pier. Public access will be maintained on the main part of the West Pier, but the extension may be closed at certain times.

Phase two will begin in March 2019 and continue until the scheme is completed at the end of the year. Work during phase two will take place on the West Pier and East Pier in tandem.

Cllr Mike Cockerill, Scarborough Borough Council’s cabinet member for major projects said;

“I am delighted that work on this vital scheme will soon get underway and we will be working closely with Balfour Beatty to ensure it is a success.

“Whitby’s piers, as well as being essential for the safety of the town, are much loved by local residents and visitors from the around the UK and beyond, and the scheme will ensure that widespread appeal endures for many more years to come.”