AS the scorching temperatures broke with dramatic downpours at the weekend, one man decided to welcome the rain by dashing across a city street in his pants to jump in a large puddle.

High winds and heavy rain over the weekend saw an end to the weeks of blazing sunshine and sweltering temperatures.

In Saltburn, its planned annual food festival had to be scaled back and, where possible, moved in doors as the severe weather threatened to make the planned street food stalls and gazebos unsafe.

Across the region, roads become temporarily flooded in places when gutters and drains were unable to cope.

In York, one man decided to make the most of the refreshing rainfall by dashing across Layerthorpe Road near the city centre in his underpants.

He jumped in a large puddle, before running back across the busy road and back inside a property.

The high temperatures are expected to return towards the end of the week, when temperatures are expected to reach the mid-twenties in the North-East and North Yorkshire.