PRIMARY pupils at a village school have had their maths test results cancelled following a maladministration investigation.

Heighington Church of England Primary School, near Darlington, could not 'guarantee the integrity' of the Year 6 SATS paper three, the Diocese of Durham said.

The decision does not affect the pupils involved. It follows an investigation by the Standard and Testing Agency (STA), which investigates concerns of maladministration, to determine whether there is doubt over the accuracy or correctness of children's results.

The Department for Education said: "Following an investigation into the administration of 2018 key stage 2 tests at Heighington Church of England Primary School, the school’s maths test results were annulled. This does not affect the pupils involved.

"The STA has informed the governing body and the local authority about the outcome of the investigation and it will be for them to take matters forward from this point.”

The STA does not apportion blame for maladministration or take part in disciplinary procedures relating to it.

The Diocese is now undertaking an investigation into the school, which is a partnered academy with Bishopton Redmarshall School, although there are no such concerns at its partner school.

A spokesperson for the Diocese of Durham said: “We can confirm that the STA have ruled that the school cannot ‘guarantee the integrity’ of Paper 3, due to an issue of maladministration.

"The situation is being fully investigated in order to determine what actions need to be taken and as such it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time."

Councillor Gerald Lee, who represents Heighington on Darlington Borough Councillor and is a governor, said there had been a governors' meeting where the issue had been raised, but 'other than that no-one knows anything more at the present time.

"We do know that the parents have accepted it but this won't affect anything with the schools the children will be going on to.

"There is a lot of confidence with the school and the school teachers.

"It always has been a quality school and I have no doubt it will continue that way."

Last week it was announced that children at the primary school in Colburn, near Catterick, had their Key Stage two Sats writing assessments annulled following an investigation, after concerns were raised about maladminstration.

Anyone with concerns about the administration of National Curriculum tests should report them to the STA by contacting the National Curriculum helpline on 0300-303-3013.