A POLISH man was jailed for two attacks on his “vulnerable” partner in the space of four days.

It was the inability of Patryk Mortimer’s victim, who is also Polish, to speak English that led to his swift release following his arrest after the first assault.

Durham Crown Court heard that she was unable to adequately explain what he had done, so Mortimer was released with a spot fine for drunkenness.

Mortimer then carried out the further attack on the woman, who has some mental health difficulties.

He was re-arrested and has remained in custody since.

Having previously denied charges arising from the incidents, on February 18 and 22, Mortimer, 39, of Sussex Road, Moorside, Consett, pleaded guilty to assault by beating, criminal damage and assault causing actual bodily harm, on the day his trial was scheduled to start.

Jane Waugh, prosecuting, said Mortimer’s 31-year-old partner was verbally abused, punched several times and had a knife put to her throat, in the first incident, after he had drunk heavily at their home, in Mackays Court, Consett.

Miss Waugh said the woman, who suffered a bloodied face, locked herself in the bathroom with her puppy, which was also attacked by Mortimer.

He became even more agitated and smashed the door to gain entry before dragging her out by the hair.

She managed to run from the flat the flat and sought help from a security guard at the building, who called the police for her.

In the second attack he repeatedly slapped her, held her neck tightly, almost to the point of strangulation, and threatened to rip out her windpipe.

She again fled the house and asked a friend of her partner to drive her to a relative’s home, but then jumped from the car to escape when Mortimer rang and told the man to bring her back.

Andrew Rutter, for Mortimer, told the court that although he has previous convictions, in his native Poland and Worcestershire, none were for violence.

Judge Jonathan Carroll referred to an offence of threatening behaviour, however.

Jailing him for 16 months and a week, Judge Carroll also put in place a restraining order forbidding Mortimer contacting the woman