PEOPLE living on a quiet residential street have been put on the alert - and told to prepare for an invasion of zombies.

But although the alert is real there is no danger - as it is the result of film-makers bringing their gruesome production to the area.

They are planning to shoot scenes for a comedy-horror movie called Zomblogalypse this weekend at the Golden Ball pub in Bishophill, just inside York's famous old walls.

The production team have posted letters to local residents saying that the shoot will involved actors, people made up as zombies, replica weapons and large camera equipment including a crane and dolly track.

Police and the local council have been informed and have approved the shoot and use of fake weapons.

They say: "We have chosen your neighbourhood as it is our favourite area of the city and, as we respect its beauty and tranquility, we would also very much appreciate your cooperation in in helping us to make this film."