AN MP has warned of the potential for a “flood” of companies sounding the alert over a ‘hard’ Brexit.

Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson was reacting after the Society of Motor Manufacturers called on the Government to commit to remaining in the Customs Union and maintain the benefits the single market delivers.

Earlier this week car maker BMW warned it could quit the UK in the event of a ‘no deal’, only to later backtrack and state that was not being considered as an option.

Mr Wilson, who is campaigning for a ‘People’s Vote’ on any Brexit deal, said: “The trickle of companies going public about the risks they face from Brexit is becoming a flood.

“This stark warning from the car industry that they need frictionless trade with Europe to avoid haemorrhaging highly-skilled jobs is simply too important for squabbling government ministers to ignore.”

The MP said the car industry was a huge and crucial sector of the UK economy – citing the example of Nissan which employs 6,500 workers in the North-East – and said it “must not be sacrificed on the altar of a hard Brexit”.