Bear's Mission with Warwick Davis (ITV, 9pm)

Actor Warwick Davis is no stranger to fantasy adventures - he was just 11 when he made his movie debut as an Ewok in Return of the Jedi. He played the title role in Willow, took two parts in the Harry Potter movies and has continued to crop up in the Star Wars universe, most recently in Solo.

But does he enjoy the real thing? Well, it seems that when he's not on a film set, one of his favourite places to be is the Lake District, where he's enjoyed countless family holidays. However, by his own admission, he doesn't really spend those breaks scaling the region's mountains.

Warwick says: "We all have dwarfism in our family. We're not built for climbing up things, but we still enjoy the beauty of the place - from the car. The climbing I do is climbing around in the kitchen, to reach things I can't get in the top cupboards. It's not something you do when you're 48 is it?"

Bear Grylls would clearly beg to differ, as in this one-off he's about to show Warwick a side of the Lake District he's never experienced during a trip that's going to be anything but a holiday.

It doesn't get off to the most promising start when Bear arrives in a helicopter at their planned meeting spot, only to find Warwick isn't there. Luckily, it isn't due to the actor getting cold feet - Warwick has turned up, but he's in the wrong location.

Warwick says: "Nothing looks the same on a map as it does in real life. I feel like I'm on a date with someone and they've stood me up. I'm all ready to go, dressed to impress and my date's not here."

Fortunately, Bear spots him, and after picking him up on the from the edge of a cliff, their adventure begins with a difficult rock climb that leaves Warwick wondering what exactly he's let himself in for. He tells viewers: "The thing I've learnt about Bear Grylls is keep him at a safe distance behind your television screen, because in real life, he's a nightmare."

Hopefully though, the two will get a chance to bond as they attempt to catch fish in a nearby river, share an unusual snack (and we're not talking about local delicacy and climbers' favourite Kendal Mint Cake) and abseil down a sheer 200-foot drop.

During their expedition, they also talk about some of the obstacles Warwick has faced as a result of his condition, SED, or Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia. He explains: "In life, as a little person, you have to be quite resourceful. The world is not designed for somebody short."

Bear is certainly impressed with his travel companion's willingness to face a challenge, saying: "This journey was such a special one for me. Warwick smashed through so many of the stereotypes of who can adventure and what people can do!"

But will the Lake District still be Warwick's favourite place after this trip, or will he decide that he prefers to do his stunts in a studio?

NHS at 70 - Live (BBC2, 8pm)

As you may have noticed if you've been paying attention to the schedules lately, the National Health Service celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. But while we may be looking back at its history, what does its future hold? That's one of the questions posed by this live event, which comes from Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Hosted by Anita Rani and Nick Robinson in front of an audience of staff and patients, the programme looks at how the NHS has grown since its inception in 1948 and explores the challenges facing it today, drawing on some new and exclusive research. As well as finding out how much the public are prepared to pay to keep the NHS going, Robinson, who was recently treated for cancer himself, looks at how the service compares to health provisions in other countries.

Ackley Bridge (C4, 8pm)

Sami is riddled with guilt over his affair, so when he discovers Jordan is working for Khadim, he seeks redemption by getting him off the streets and into boxing. However, when Khadim refuses to let Jordan go, Sami is forced to confront his vengeful childhood friend. Meanwhile, Nas is encouraged by Missy to go on a date with a girl, but when she comes on too strong, Nas freaks out and calls for backup from Missy and Aaron. Elsewhere, Alya is furious when she learns that Will is covering her A-level biology classes.

Our Girl (BBC1, 9.10pm)

With the training exercise now a rescue mission, Georgie and James are compelled to use every ounce of cunning and training to evade capture while they wait to be rescued. As Bones and his Special Forces unit lead the effort to retrieve them without attracting unwanted attention, the endangered troops, helped by local teenager Ezra, must overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. As well as evading capture, the duo must also re-evaluate their professional relationship when James makes a stunning confession. Drama, starring Michelle Keegan and Ben Aldridge.