A MOTHER-of-two who made threats to kill on Facebook was given a community order after the court heard there was 'some degree of orchestration' by an abusive ex-partner and his friends.

Nicola Scott's ex partner simulated sexual acts with another woman at a party, before the woman posted the video on Facebook. She then requested to be friends with Scott's sister on the social media site so Scott later saw the post.

Scott, 31, of Chester-le-Street, reacted by sending the woman several messages, including: "It's all over Facebook, you dirty tart. I will put you and your kids in a f****** box."

She also messaged another woman who had also been at the party and was in some of the pictures, threatening to 'chop you up'.

Scott admitted two charges of threats to kill when she appeared before magistrates in Newton Aycliffe.

Scott's defence solicitor, who declined to give her name, said the defendant had been in a 12-year physically and emotionally abusive relationship and was still receiving threats from her ex-partner.

Despite calling the police many times after he turned up at her house with knives and sent threatening messages, police had never pressed charges against him, the court heard.

Scott's solicitor said: "He has been given warnings but has never actually been charged with anything, yet Miss Scott is here today charged with that offence.

"She accepts that what she did was very wrong and those ladies didn't deserve what she said. She was under a lot of pressure and regrets it."

However a probation report said Scott felt there had been 'some orchestration' in the whole matter. After being released from police questioning she received another threat herself, which she reported, but there was still no further action from police.

Scott was getting help from domestic abuse charity Harbour, which magistrates welcomed.

They imposed a 24-month community order and ordered her to pay an £85 victim surcharge.