THE RSPCA have issued a warning after a squirrel who got stuck in a "squirrel-proof" bird feeder had to be put to sleep.

The grey squirrel had made its way into the feeder to eat some bird food but its head became stuck and its jaw was trapped around one of the wires when he tried to make his way out.

An inspector was called after the animal became stuck in a metal feeder overnight in the garden of a property in Loriners Grove, Walsall, on June 1.

He was put to sleep due to the injuries sustained in the incident.

The same inspector had previously been called out to another squirrel which was stuck in a bird feeder in Old Hall Drive, Tamworth, and as she went to release that one he ran off.

Inspector Beth Boyd, who dealt with the incidents, said: "When I arrived the poor squirrel was in a bad way - flies had laid eggs in his mouth overnight while he'd been trapped.

"Looking at the bird feeder I am quite surprised it managed to get in as it does look squirrel-proof but often once they have fed they can struggle to get out.

"Just the day before I was called to another incident like this. In this case the feeder had larger holes which did make it appear to be squirrel-proof - but it still managed to get stuck."

Inspector Boyd added: "There are many types of 'squirrel-proof' feeders available but it seems that a few could still can trap wildlife such as rodents.

"I would urge people who have them to check their feeders regularly to look out for any trapped wildlife and if you are going on holiday take them down.

"Alternatively use non-squirrel proof feeders which may attract other wildlife but at least it will prevent animals like squirrels getting trapped."