POLITICIANS in the North-East clashed last night over a decision by a number of Labour MPs to call for a “people’s vote” to be held on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

Anna Turley, Phil Wilson, Dr Paul Williams, Bridget Phillipson and Catherine McKinnell have all stressed they do not want to re-run the referendum but they want the British people to have their say on whatever deal is brokered between the Government and the EU.

Dr Williams, Stockton South MP, said British people should "have a say on the final deal, not just politicians", whilst Ms Turley, MP for Redcar, said getting the wrong deal could have a "massive impact" on the region's economy.

But Darlington MP Jenny Chapman, who is a shadow minister for Exiting the European Union, said she didn't support the idea tabled by her fellow North-East Labour MPs.

Meanwhile, Simon Clarke, Middlesbrough South and east Cleveland Conservative MP, branded the call a “breach of faith with Teessiders” who “voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU”.

Ms Chapman insisted the Labour party was “broadly united” over Brexit, adding: “There is debate, but it is a healthy debate, it is not a bitter or angry one."

“I don’t support a second referendum or a people’s vote – I don’t think there is an appetite for it and the outcome will be no different," she said.

“The agreement that is going to be reached in the autumn will be very broad and the detail will be insufficient for another referendum, and by the time we know the outcome we will have already left the EU, so what is the question going to be for the vote?

“The good thing is I have enormous respect for these MPs and they know that leaving will have an enormous impact on the North-East because it is an exporting region."

Ms Turley said: "In the referendum the options for Brexit were not on the ballot paper and as more facts and analysis have since emerged, it is clear getting the wrong deal could have a massive impact on Teesside’s economy.

“I am backing a people’s vote so that this important decision on the final deal can be put back to my constituents and the British people.

"Our area voted for Brexit for a whole range of reasons and I think it is only right that the form of Brexit is also put to Teessiders for them to have the final say.”

Mr Clarke said: "The North-East voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU, yet now local Labour MPs want us to vote again, because we made the wrong decision. This is completely, utterly wrong."

“For the majority of Teessiders who voted to Leave, our message was clear. We don’t want freedom of movement, we don’t want to pay billions a year to Brussels, we don’t want European law to be supreme over our own, and we don’t want ever closer union.

"This attempt to reverse the result is a breach of faith with Teessiders.”

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen added: "What an insult to the people of the Tees Valley that our local Labour MPs want to ignore the referendum result because we didn’t vote the way they wanted us to.

“The people voted to take back control of our laws, money, borders and trade policy.

"Labour want to keep us in Europe by the back door by dismissing the biggest democratic exercise this country has ever seen. We can’t let that happen.”

Mr Wilson said previously the decision was "bigger than the party".