A DOG miraculously survived falling 130ft off a cliff and spent all night lying injured on the beach.

Eight-year-old New Zealand huntaway and border collie cross Dexter had to be rescued by the fire service after breaking his front legs.

His owner, Bethany Boyle, 16, was walking Dexter on the banks at Easington Beach, in County Durham, when he suddenly disappeared in the long grass.

She spent hours searching for her beloved pet and reluctantly returned home for the night when she could not locate him.

The following day Bethany, who works as a waitress, started searching the area

for Dexter at 5.30am with her family and friends.

They found him lying injured on the beach at the foot of the cliff between two rocks.

Bethany, from Wheatley Hill, County Durham, said: “He ran into the long grass and I couldn’t see him anywhere. I thought it was odd as he usually barks really loud and he never goes missing. I was really worried and scared.

“We walked along the beach the next morning and found him at the bottom of the cliff between two rocks.

“I was screaming because I saw the blood on the floor before I saw Dexter. That really scared me, it wasn’t pleasant.

“I was shouting at him, I thought he would have got up but he didn’t. At that point I thought he was dead. But then he moved his head and I knew he was okay.

“I think with it being longer grass he didn’t see the edge or when he reached it he was going too quickly to stop. We were just lucky that it hadn’t been a bad night, otherwise he wouldn’t have been as well as he was.”

Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service were called to the scene and rescued Dexter from the beach on a stretcher, following the accident on March 27.

He was taken to Wear Referrals, a veterinary referral service, for medical attention and has since had a metal plate inserted into each of his front legs. Dexter has also had surgery to fuse his two front wrists and insert a screw and a pin through his kneecap to wire it together.

Three weeks on, he is now able to walk again. Bethany said: “I want to thank the fire service for rescuing Dexter. He is back up on his feet now and is walking again. I still can’t believe he has survived falling 130ft off a cliff and then spending all night on the beach. He’s pretty strong.”