DISABLED activists and North West Durham’s Labour MP Laura Pidcock are due to meet the Government’s minister for disabled people, health and work today.

They plan to raise ongoing concerns with Sarah Newton surrounding the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefit.

This meeting follows the Westminster Hall debate Ms Pidcock led on the claimant experience of PIP .

Activists from Disabled People Against Cuts who attended the debate approached Ms Newton and told her the process of claiming this disability benefit was “killing people”.

Following this, the minister invited the DPAC activists to meet with her to discuss their concerns.

Ms Pidcock said said: “The PIP assessment process is not fit for purpose.

“This is illustrated by the horror stories which have come in via my constituency office, from activists or constituents, about their experiences.

“People claiming PIP tell me they are living in fear of the next brown envelope through the door, stating that their entitlement is up for review or that they have not received the number of points that they needed, after attending a medical assessment. “Some people are even suicidal at the thought of attending another medical assessment with an assessor who doesn’t understand their needs.

“I am hoping to somehow convey this fear and to the Minister and ask her to review the process of claiming PIP.”