A COUNCILLOR has launched a campaign to highlight dog fouling in the neighbourhood he serves after receiving several complaints from residents.

The Clean it Up campaign, headed by Darlington’s Eastbourne ward councillor, Kevin Nicholson, has highlighted problem areas from residents’ feedback.

Temporary chalk signs have been marked on pavements around the area in a bid to draw attention to the growing issue.

The indepedent Darlington Borough councillor said: “I’d encourage dog owners to pick up after their pets and place the bags in the waste bins provided.

“As a dog owner myself I know how important it is to be responsible and look after our area.”

However, Firthmoor residents have revealed mixed views on the campaign with many believing it will highlight the issue, but are unsure if it will encourage people to start picking up after their pets.

Cllr Nicholson said: “People caught not cleaning up after their pets are liable to be fined or prosecuted.

“This is a simple idea which shows a temporary snapshot of the issues and residents seem to like the idea of a temporary footpath sign.”

Pawel Grzaskewicz, a resident in Cllr Nicholson’s ward, said: “[Dog fouling] is not too much of an issue. However, I do see some on the paths sometimes and outside my gate.

“I’m not sure if what the councillor is doing will help the issue, but it will highlight the muck to show people.”

The chalk pavement signs are designed to make people aware of the issue to encourage them to pick up.

Bagged dog waste can be put into any rubbish bin.

Darlington resident Leah Shields added: “The problem is terrible especially on Claremont Road. I’ve had it in my front garden and I don’t even own a dog. I think the councillor’s campaign will help.

“However, I phoned the council about it a while ago and they said I had to pick the muck up myself, as it was on my property. It wasn’t my mess.”

Resident Martyna Dziewonska, 28, said: “I think the campaign would be extremely helpful.

“Some people just throw the dog muck across our fence and it ends up in our garden, which isn’t nice.

“I see a lot of it outside our house but I hope this campaign will stop it happening.”

Dog fouling can be reported to the council by emailing dishthedirt@darlington.gov.uk