A SWEET shop has been left counting the cost following a break-in.

Sweet Retreat, in Ferryhill, in County Durham said two charity boxes, a box of Dairy Milk chocolate, Extra and Hubba Bubba chewing gum and wine gums had been taken in the burglary, which happened overnight between Friday and Saturday.

Burglars forced their way into the back of the shop in Darlington Road, which opened three years ago.

A window was broken and the shop was left trashed in the incident.

Part-owner Lee Aunger said: “It was really bad. It took us until dinner time to get the place tidied up.

“It’s one of those things, when you put the hours in that we do it knocks you back.”

Mr Aunger added that it had cost around £60 to replace the stolen chewing gum and £40 to buy new chocolate.

After hearing about the break-in, a customer donated £20 to one of the charities, he said.

It is understood that an arrest has been made in connection to the incident.