CHURCH leaders say they need to raise an extra £10,000 a year to ensure the future of a 600 year old parish church.

Two meetings have been held over the past few weeks to encourage residents and parishioners to get involved in work to help raise money for of St Anne's, the parish church of Catterick Village and Tunstall, near Richmond.

Concern is growing that the income for the church last year was only £35,000 but the church needs £45,000 to stay afloat. A further £89,000 is needed over the next five years to pay for much needed repairs to the historic building.

St Anne's dates back to the early 15th century, with some much earlier parts, there has been a place of worship in Catterick village since the seventh century. The north side of the church has a section dedicated to the Royal Air Force Regiment which had their home depot at RAF Catterick between 1946 and 1994.

Gift forms are available through which donations can be made, these can be found in the church, for information contact Rev Lindsay Southern on 01748 811462.