I AM definitely not a fan of Shameless actress Tina Malone, who has been reported as retweeting a picture said to be of James Bulger’s killer Jon Venables. But if she was the one telling the public who Venables is under his new ID then she deserves some good publicity for a change. What’s the point of having law and order if it doesn’t give justice?

Venables is still a danger to the public, yet the taxpayer is being forced to pay for his new identities, and his “rehabilitation”. Time and time again we see freed offenders re-offending.

For some it’s obviously a lifestyle and it is about time the law was amended to make sure these offenders are not released, or released early.

If our laws are not doing what they are supposed to do then we need to change them. The same with judges, if they cannot give a required sentence due to the current law then they should be actively working to change it.

Keith Howdle, Darlington