A YOUNG first aider from the region has been crowned St John Ambulance Badger of the Year.

Gabriel Rickelton will hold the title throughout 2018 and may be called upon to represent Badgers at public events.

The ten-year-old, from Spennymoor, secured the title after winning a competition in Durham last month.

St John Ambulance Badgers Setts teach seven to ten-year-olds first aid and life skills as they work towards a Super Badger award.

Gabriel attends his local Sett which meets in The Communal Lounge at Hartley Terrace, Spennymoor.

Unit Manager Lynda Aunger said: ‘We are all extremely proud of Gabriel. Badger of the Year is a great honour amongst our young people and they work hard to achieve it.

"Our Badger programme is great fun and engaging for children. It teaches our young people life saving skills, as well as developing them holistically."

Children interested in joining the next generation of life savers can find out more online at sja.org.uk/young-people or call Ms Aunger on 07824-496681.