THE story we broke this morning is big.

It is big in terms of the employment opportunities that Symmetry Park project could create.

The potential number of new jobs being bandied about is 3,000 which, if true, would effectively render unemployment in Darlington a thing of the past.

Jobs for all - we realise that is a simplistic way of looking at things but it would nonetheless be a massive boost for jobseekers in the town and across Tees Valley.

The sheer scale of the project is big too, and the cavernous warehouses that are being planned would be among the largest ever built in the region.

Perhaps the biggest thing about this story is the name of the firm which is on the verge of agreeing terms to make the project a reality. Once they sign up then things really become big - thousands of jobs, millions of pounds of investment and an employer bringing 21st century technology and working practices to the town. This is big with a capital ‘B’.

In the meantime we say hats off to Darlington Borough Council and developers DB Symmetry and their partners for getting the scheme this far. The council takes a lot of flak, some of it appears on this website and some of it is deserved. But one of the most important things that any local authority can do is to bring jobs to their area. If Symmetry Park goes as planned then the council has delivered on that front in grand style.

Debates about the job roles, pay rates, terms and conditions and the impact on the town are for another day. For now we are happy to bring you a big story that heralds big change.