A COMMUNITY rallied round to give a couple a real white wedding after heavy snowfall threatened to scupper their plans.

Severe weather meant the roads around St Cuthbert’s Church at Benfieldside, near Shotley Bridge, Consett, were impassable.

But an 11th hour appeal by the church on social media meant Daniel Hodgson and Rebecca McKenzie, who live in Leadgate, were able to get hitched as planned.

About 30 people brought snow shovels to clear the paths while Craig Foster, from Mac Security, used a snow plough on his Land Rover and a tractor from Turfcare Specialists cleared Church Bank and spread salt.

Reverend Martin Jackson, who led the service, said: “It is a great relief, but it has been a terrific experience because people have turned out in droves with their shovels.

“To see people pull together so well is brilliant. At one point Church Bank was the clearest route in Consett, which is really saying something.

“The service was a bit chilly because the church heating has packed in and needs replacing, but they did have the warmth of the congregation.

“I cannot say that they all got there I’m afraid because it was such a problem for people getting across country.”

The wedding was held on February 28 because it is ten years to the day the couple, both 25, met.

Rev Jackson said: “It was a very important date for them so I am glad we were able to do it for them.”

The bride arrived in a 4x4 vehicle, from Beamish Hall Hotel, near Stanley, where the wedding reception was being held.

They tied the knot shortly after noon, as a blizzard was sweeping across the region.

Wedding photographer Sarah Thew said: “They have been overwhelmed with the response.

“The bride has had to go with it and make the best of a dreadful situation but everyone has made it come true for her.

“It has been fabulous though and she has enjoyed every moment of it.

“Everything looks beautiful in the snow.”