CCTV in York city centre has sparked a funding row between a Conservative councillor and the county’s police commissioner.

Cllr Ian Gillies - a senior councillor in York - has hit out at North Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Julia Mulligan over what he calls a refusal to pick up the tab for security cameras in York. But his criticisms have been rejected by the commissioner.

Next year’s council budget in York reveals £290,000 has been set aside to replace ageing parts of the system between now and 2020.

On Thursday night, Cllr Gillies said he was “frustrated” the police commissioner was not picking up any of the cost for a system as it is used heavily by police.

At a budget setting meeting, he said planned to keep asking for contributions from the PCC towards the spend.

However, his complaints have been rejected by Ms Mulligan, who says she and the police are already looking at better ways of running CCTV.

She said: “Whilst CCTV funding is clearly the responsibility of local authorities, I am nonetheless extremely keen to find a way to ensure a sustainable and affordable future solution.

"There are some very interesting models found elsewhere in the country that embrace new technology, are cheaper to run and will link with future plans for ‘digital evidence transfer’ with the courts and Crown Prosecution Service, who often need CCTV."

In recent months the PCC’s team and police have been leading a programme to look at the options, she added, and the PCC is already funding work to look at how it can be progressed.

Ms Mulligan said: “All local authorities including York, the police, Ministry of Defence and others, will need to come together and agree on a combined solution.

“At the moment, we have a patchwork of equipment and staffing which is costing the taxpayer needlessly. I wrote to his predecessor, Cllr Carr, on this issue before Christmas but have not received a response to date, and look forward to Cllr Gillies responding in due course.

“There is an opportunity here, if all local authorities work together with me North Yorkshire Police and others, to protect and modernise the CCTV system, saving money at the same time.”