A MOTHER serving life for murdering her baby son will sue prison bosses for refusing her a native American drum so she can talk to the dead.

Chah Oh-Niyol Kai Whitewind says wardens at Low Newton prison, in Durham, are violating her human rights because they will not allow her to keep potions, spell books and a peace pipe in her cell.

The Birmingham mother-of-three was jailed for life in 2003 for suffocating her 12-week-old son, Bidziil, because he would not breast-feed.

She changed her name after she became obsessed with native American culture and practises a religion that she describes as Shamanic paganism.

The 31-year-old has written to prison bosses complaining of "pagan persecution".

Her letter said: "I am a Shamanic pagan. I do not believe in violence. I have respect for all life and individuality.

"This prison, like many others, has an unwritten policy of pagan persecution.

"I have been refused and denied possession of religious items. I have faced hostility and disregard over my religious practices and festivals, and I have encountered bullying from inmates and staff due to my faith.

"I am not abusive to staff or inmates. So why should there be so many difficulties facing me?

"Either some members of staff see me as a threat because of my perceived intelligence, or they see me as a threat because they do not understand the way I choose to live my life."

A prison source said: "She is threatening to take her case to Europe. But prison is supposed to be a deterrent, not a holiday camp.

"They do not call it losing your liberty for nothing.

"You cannot just sit around chanting and drumming to contact the ghosts of dead animals."

Low Newton is a female prison and young offender institution.

There are 282 registered pagans in prison in England and Wales.

A Prison Service spokesman said: "There are certain religious artefacts pagan prisoners may be allowed in their cells, but each is subject to risk assessment.

"These artefacts include items such as a hoodless robe, a flexible twig and rune stones.

"These can only be used in their cell or during communal worship -they cannot be worn or used in any other areas of the prison."