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The Northern Echo:

Barnard Castle and Teesdale Art Society annual exhibition, The Witham, Barnard Castle

The Witham is delighted to welcome Barnard Castle Art Society back to the building for its annual exhibition. 

In 2018 the exhibition will spread throughout the building from The Gallery into the Dispensary Gallery. The majority of the members of Barnard Castle Art Society have no formal artistic training, yet posses a relentless passion for creating art and immortalising the beauty of their Teesdale environs. During the summer months members of Barnard Castle Art Society meet regularly to sketch together en plein air, making the most of the fine weather and the effects that the high, bright light has on the landscape at this time of year. 

During the colder months, members of the group meet for practical work sessions, to share ideas, knowledge and techniques. These meetings and the support they offer inspire other members to produce work in preparation for their annual exhibition.

Runs until February 10. Tel: 01833-631107.

Bishop Auckland Theatre Society presents Beauty and the Beast, Bishop Auckland Town Hall on Saturday, 2.30pm and 7pm

Bringing you the traditional tale (…as old as time) of our heroine, Belle, on her quest to save her father from imprisonment by a hideous beast in his grand castle. 

Upon entering the castle, she comes across some lovable characters who try to help her out and who are trying to plot their own escape from the castle, and a terrible curse they are under. 

With music and comedy for all ages.
Tickets on 03000-269524. 

The Northern Echo: Beside the Meadow: Anne Miller exhibition, The Station, Richmond, from Saturday

A colourful celebration discovering wildlife in the Dales, created in a collection of atmospheric watercolours. "I enjoyed growing up in a small North Yorkshire village, roaming through apple orchards and exploring fields, countryside lanes and riverbanks, observing wildflowers, animals and the turquoise flash of damselflies hovering over ponds. 

Childhood influences and continuing curiosity, encourage my creative energy, enthusiasm and the challenge of painting wildlife. Studying art and painting botanical watercolours revealed the intricate detail and variety of plants and natural forms. 

Discovering peace and tranquility in the countryside of the Dales, I like the intrigue of seeing early morning glimpses of animals, birds and insects, intent on scurrying or flying away from my camera lens. Observing their action and alertness in a natural environment helps me capture a feeling of life in expressive watercolour images. Rich, vibrant, colour-washes and glazes enhanced by the liveliness of occasional pen and ink detail, are used to suggest the essence of nature, with hints of definition and areas left to the viewer’s imagination. 

Runs until February 7. Tel: 01748-850123. 

The Northern Echo: Bear and Butterfly will be staged at Skipton Town Hall. Picture by Mark Savage Photography

Bear and Butterfly, The Sage Gateshead, on Sunday, 11.30-12.30pm and 2-3pm

Puppetry, live music and beautiful storytelling combine in this charming tale about love, loss and friendship. 

Bear likes peace and quiet. Other folk are bothering and Bear does not like to be bothered. One day, as Bear is sitting comfortably sipping his tea, deep in the branches of his tree he hears the munching and a crunching of a bright green Caterpillar.

Bear and Caterpillar soon become the best of friends, Caterpillar munching happily through heroic tales of Bear’s younger life catching fish, raising cubs and being big, strong and fierce. 

But one day Caterpillar stops munching and looks sick. Bear fears he will lose his friend but, as if by magic, Caterpillar grows and stretches and from the leaves emerges a beautiful butterfly.

Can Bear come to terms with this new version of his friend who flies high above the trees and has stories of his own?

Puppetry, live music and beautiful storytelling combine in this charming tale about love, loss and friendship.

Tickets on 0191-4434661. 

The Magic Of Vienna, Middlesbrough Theatre on Sunday, 7.45pm

Upbeat Classical Management presents this year’s Strauss concert features the spectacular playing of violinist Adam Summerhayes. 

Adam Summerhayes, some of the UK’s finest players and enduringly popular waltzes such as The Blue Danube, Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers, and gems by Franz Lehár and the legendary Viennese violinist Fritz Kreisler come together to make up this delightful programme.

Tickets on 01642-815181. 

Property Marking, The Station, Richmond, on Sunday, 10-4pm

Get your valuable items 'marked' for free with Richmondshire Neighbourhood Policing team. "Marking your property is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from being a victim of crime.

Criminals will see the permanent unique number, and know immediately that your property is too hot to handle. If the worst happened and you were targeted, marked property is far harder to sell on, and we are much more likely to be able to return it to you.”

Most items are eligible, as long as they are of value to you. 

This includes laptops, tablets, bikes, tools and equestrian equipment. Unfortunately, glass or ceramics cannot be marked. 

For more information about property marking in Richmondshire, please contact the Richmondshire Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Tel: 01748-850123.