SO the relocation of Durham County Council is becoming a burning question. Let’s pause and reflect on the state of our city.

Anyone coming from the west or south is faced with negotiating the horrors of Neville’s Cross or Church Street.

The centre is not pedestrian or traffic friendly and the retail offering is pathetic - more 19th than 21st century.

We rely totally on the attraction of the cathedral and I wonder how many visitors actually return for a second visit.

I happen to agree with the development of Aykley Heads but would like to see some parkland included. I liked walking around the old DLI Museum grounds with the highlight being the summer brass band concert. I still love Durham and enjoy walking around the river however I sigh when passing the derelict old swimming baths, so cramming several thousand jobs and cars into the city seems crazy.

Mention has been made of the Sands as a location, well good luck with Claypath. Why not look at alternative sites off the A167 north or south of the city; Spennymoor perhaps? Or here’s a thought there seems to be plenty of space at Aykley Heads!

Eddie Jonas, Brandon