IF present immigration levels continue as they are, by 2050 the native white population of every European country will become the minority within their own country.

The various beliefs, myths, laws, values, traditions, etc., shaped over thousands of years which form the cultural heritage and identity of every European will become those of a minority. They will be replaced by those who form the physical majority. Europe will most likely become an Islamic state under Sharia Law, while western European civilization will quickly cease to exist.

There’s a shortage of housing, school places and jobs. The healthcare and welfare systems can’t cope with such sudden increases in population.

The Government proposes to make those who fought for Daesh the priority in housing while the law abiding are homeless.

Throughout Europe things aren’t OK and pretending otherwise is a lie.

When faced with these realities, it is no wonder the result is the creation of such as Britain First.

It’s easier to depict individuals, groups or faiths as this or that, and to brush them aside with a derogatory term, than to ask “why?”.

CT Riley, Spennymoor