A HOMELESS man was arrested in a North-East city playing host to the UK's largest light festival.

Anthony Turnbull, 47, was issued with a dispersal notice to leave Durham City centre and not to return within 24 hours on Saturday (November 18) - during its popular Lumiere festivities.

However, within that period he was later seen in the Market Place and arrested.

Paul Oxnard, mitigating, told Newton Aycliffe Magistrates' Court yesterday (November 20): "He has not committed any offence specifically but being homeless in an area where police don't want vagrants during the Lumiere festival."

He told the court the defendant believed the dispersal order was for 12 hours, and left the city but returned in less than 24 hours.

Mr Oxnard added his client was alcohol dependent, homeless and was in receipt of no benefits.

Turnbull had been given a conditional discharge at Newcastle Crown Court in January but no action was taken by magistrates.

He was given an absolute discharge after spending two nights in custody.