A MAN who called his pregnant girlfriend's neighbour a “f****** dirty Polish ****” has maintained he was not racist or offensive after being arrested over a domestic incident in the early hours.

Wayne Liddle, 29, had previously never spoken to a family living near his partner's Darlington home, until police were called over loud bangs and shouts in the street.

Liddle, of Cornwall Avenue, Darlington, said he drank around nine pints during a meal and evening out with his girlfriend on October 28, before the pair argued and he was locked out of her house.

Newton Aycliffe Magistrates’ Court heard that the victim – who called the police at 12.30am on October 29 was “scared and offended” by Liddle’s behaviour.

Joanne Hesse, prosecuting, said: “During police interview, Mr Liddle said, ‘this is f****** ridiculous – I’ve done nothing wrong’.

“He said, ‘you can write this in your statement: that f****** Polish **** better watch out when I get out I tell you – I was p***** up – it was f*** all, it meant f*** all – if he took that as offensive, he’s a woman’.”

Liddle, who is currently unemployed, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated intentional harassment.

Ms Hesse added that the victim said he had lived in the country for more than a decade and was a British citizen, the fact he was born in Poland should "not mean I’m not accepted in this country’.”

Chairman of the bench, Alastair White, ordered a pre-sentence report from probation officers before he decided how Liddle would be dealt with.

A probation officer addressed the court and said: “He says he’s not racist – never has been and never will be and that this has been blown up out of all proportion.

“A 5pm that day, he went out for a meal with his partner and came home without his partner at 12am after drinking nine pints of lager.

“She’d gone into the house and locked him out – he tried to talk to her through the letterbox, which he admits was quite rowdy.

“He’s adamant that it wasn’t how it has been described by the Crown Prosecution Service, but he’s pleaded guilty and he’s prepared to accept his punishment.”

The officer added: “He has a few issues, in my opinion, over what is right and what is wrong.

“But, to his credit, he’s looking for work.”

Mr White ordered Liddle to complete 40 hours of unpaid work for the offence, as well to pay £25 compensation to the victim and an £85 victim surcharge.