MODEL railway enthusiasts turned out in their thousands to catch a glimpse of some of the region’s best layouts at the 31st Autumn Exhibition.

The event was held at Locomotion: The National Railway Museum at Shildon this weekend, and featured the Tees Steel layout from Middlesbrough Model Railway Club which will be exhibited in Holland and featured at the forthcoming Utrecht Exhibition later this year.

Brian Donald, a member of Shildon Model Railway club since 1980, said: “The modelling brings back the memories of childhood and it’s up to you how complex you make them.

“We look forward to the exhibitions to see other layouts and it’s a good opportunity to introduce model railways to children and teach them about the history.”

Robert Arrand, exhibition manager, added: “This is the 31st Autumn exhibition hosted by Shildon Model Railway Club and we are pleased that the event has been a success. It looks like it may have been the best attended to date.”