A PRO-FRACKING group is calling for action against anti-fracking protesters, claiming they are “spoiling picturesque Ryedale” with action against an industrial shale gas extraction site.

Lorraine Allanson, from Friends of Ryedale Gas Exploration (FORGE), says activists at the Kirby Misperton Protection Camp should be stopped “before they spoil local village life in Ryedale and harm tourism".

The group has made a video which they say contrasts “the behaviour of anti-fracking protestors in Lancashire with the tranquillity of picturesque Ryedale".

The camp was put in place just before Christmas after a judicial review into North Yorkshire County Council’s decision to grant permission for fracking was lost by Friends of the Earth and Frack Free Ryedale.

The camp is situated on a field between the A169 and the road leading to Third Energy’s existing gas plant, where the company has secured permission for hydraulic fracturing.

Last week the protesters began taking direct action when they saw heavy machinery entering the KM8 well site.

They formed a human chain blocking the access gates and trapping people inside for more than seven hours.

The company’s chief executive Raski Valand said the action had caused distress to the staff and contractors who were “only trying to go about their daily, legitimate work”.

People at the camp say they have been strongly supported by local residents, with approximately 1,500 people visiting the site from the surrounding area within two months of the camp being set up, many to drop off food and supplies.

They say many people visiting are concerned that fracking will lead to the industrialisation of their rural area.

Ms Allanson, who owns a bed and breakfast and holiday cottage business near Pickering, said: “Only last week we saw a bunch of protesters glory in locking the gates to a gas site in Ryedale, imprisoning people for hours.

“They seem to want to stop gas being produced in this area, yet we have happily lived alongside these gas fields for decades.

“In that time farming and tourism has thrived, in direct contradiction to the warnings of those who oppose progress.”

Spokesperson for the camp, Eddie Thornton said: "

"Apart from some banners and the Yorkshire flags flying at the entrance, you could drive past the Kirby Misperton Protection Camp and not notice us at all. 

"If you chose to visit you would find an orderly and neat community made up of tents and temporary structures thoughtfully laid out across half a disused field. 

"We have a recycling and waste disposal system, compost toilets and lots of storage space to accommodate all the donated supplies we receive from locals. 

"Our water and food are brought to camp by residents of Ryedale who are also pledging to stand with us when the time comes to take action against the Fracking industry. 

"The support we have had locally has been staggering and goes to show just how unwelcome the poisonous fracking industry is in Yorkshire.

"Not a single visitor has, to our knowledge left with anything but positive things to say about our community.

"But don't take our word for it. We would welcome Ms. Allansan or anyone else to come and visit the camp and see for themselves what a pleasant place it is to be."