THE sounds of two County Durham town bands will ring out to audiences from across the globe at a region's open-air spectacular.

Spennymoor and Ferryhill town bands have joined forces with Eleven Arches, the company behind the live action production of Kynren - An Epic Tale of England, which returns this summer.

Musicians gathered on Sunday night at Durham Cathedral to record the commemorative hymn Gresford, also known as The Miners’ Hymn, to be included in the soundtrack for this year's show.

The hymn, written by miner Robert Saint from Hebburn, South Tyneside remains popular with many colliery brass bands, and is played at annual Miners’ Picnics around the North of England, including the Durham Miners' Gala.

Jake Bright, music director for Eleven Arches, hopes the new recording will add authenticity and poignancy to the scene.

He said: “There is something very special about being able to record an original piece of music in the very place that is inherently linked with the hymn.

"Every note of music for Kynren, other than this particular scene, had been written especially for the show.

"It seemed impersonal to simply license an existing recording, so we took the opportunity to make the most of the local talent and history - the fact that the Cathedral has one of the best acoustics in the country is a bonus."

The newly-recorded track will be used in the revised scene which features Durham Cathedral.

The re-designed scene now appears later in the show for increased visual impact and directly follows the trains and mines scene paying tribute to the men and children who lost their lives through working in the pits.

Mr Bright added: "The Durham Cathedral scene is a very important moment in the show - one which has a huge connection with the North-East.

"Teaming up with two local bands will make the scene even more powerful and poignant for us and for the audience. It’s all about engaging with the story, the history, and the people involved. That’s why Kynren exists in the first place, after all.”