A WOMAN has spoken of her anger after she ended up in A&E because someone filled her rubbish bin so full of their waste she fell over trying to move it.

Lynn Hawksby was upset when she returned from work to find the recycling bin she had left out for collection before Christmas had not been emptied because it had been overloaded with someone else’s unwanted packaging.

When she tried to pull it into the back yard of her house at Ferryhill Station, County Durham, she tripped and the bin was so heavy she could not stop it falling onto her.

She went to Darlington Memorial Hospital where medics initially thought she had broken her arm but an x-ray revealed she just had muscle damage.

She said: “I was pretty upset and angry, someone did this believing the bins would just be collected but because the lid wouldn’t shut it wasn’t. Their thoughtlessness resulted in me going to A&E, in pain and there was a mess in the street.

“At first Durham County Council wanted to charge me £15 to have it cleaned up but it was done and made spotless so common sense prevailed.

“It has happened to other people in the area and I just hope that seeing what can happen when you use other people’s bins without a care stops them doing it again.”