STUDENTS from north Durham are taking part in a project with students in war-torn Syria.

Pupils from Consett Academy are working with a class at a United Nations Relief and Works Agency school in Damascus.

They have joined a network of schools across Europe, the USA and Middle East taking part in the My Voice-My School project.

Over 12 weeks, students are working on a joint classroom project to explore the concept of quality global education and to identify and propose improvements within their own school and community.

Throughout the project, three online video exchanges will enable students to share ideas and discuss the progress made.

Student Daniel Butler, 14, said: “What I’ve learnt from this programme about children in Syria by talking to them is that no matter what the situation is education should always be important.”

Yesterday, the children made their second video call to Palestine School.

Joe Nesbit, 14, said: “The most important thing for me was to learn what it’s like in our opposite schools.”