A RIGHT-WING protester from the North-East who was caught on CCTV limping during riots on the south coast has avoided a jail sentence.

Darrin Kelly, from Darlington, was arrested after he was seen throwing two missiles during the street brawl with left-wingers in Dover, Kent.

The 51-year-old was seen carrying a black flag with the word 'Infidels' in white lettering during the demonstrations against immigration.

His lawyer, James Adams, told Canterbury Crown Court that Kelly had been unable to work for 10 years because of a serious disc problem in his back.

“Although it has to be said it didn’t stop him from going on the demonstration in January," he added.

Kelly was arrested six months after the incident in which he was seen limping after being struck by rocks to his leg and shoulder.

He later told police that he had retaliated by throwing “a pebble”, although he said he did not know where it had landed.

Mr Adams said Kelly had attended more than 40 protests in the past and had never been involved in any disturbance.

“This was completely out of character to behave in the way he did, “ he said.

Kelly, of St John’s Crescent in Darlington, pleaded guilty to violent disorder after appearing by video link from Newcastle Crown Court.

Judge James O’Mahony gave him a four month jail sentence suspended for two years and told him that after watching the footage from the demonstration he was concerned about those who took part.

He said: “Seeing the looks of hate etched all over the faces of both sides, right wing and left wing supporters.

“This was an appalling affray and it wasn’t about politics, it was about law and order and I hope you are ashamed for taking part in it.”

Hundreds of demonstrators from all over the country clashed during the riots, which took place on January 30.

The violent disorder led to more than 60 on the day and police seized an array of weapons including a knuckle-duster, pieces of wood, glass, hammers and bricks.