THE Yorkshire Dales has long been admired for its wild, rugged beauty, changeable weather, iconic stone barns and walls and, of course, its hardy and resilient folk.

But one Dales resident has written in a national newspaper about how she has not been able to adapt to rural life.

Among the frustrations outlined by Liz Jones are the number of dead animals she has seen, the lack of a mobile phone signal, a complaint that her hairdresser does not have an answerphone – and her inability to find a supermarket that sells tofu or "decent shower gel".

Ms Jones, a Daily Mail columnist, has lived in a Swaledale village since moving from her Georgian townhouse in London – but has reached the end of her tether.

Instead of peace and tranquillity, she says she has found life stressful, lonely and cruel.

She said: “I’ve walked past 13 sheep so lame they can’t walk, and a barn containing beef cattle – mums and calves – kept in all summer standing on their own faeces.

“I thought pubs cooked their own fare, but a friend in the restaurant business recognised all the dishes as originating from a caterer on an industrial estate.

“There is nowhere to buy decent ingredients: we only have a Co-op in Richmond, which doesn’t even stock tofu. There is nowhere to buy decent shower gel.”

Residents of Richmond and the Dales have defended their home on social media, with many suggesting she return to the city she misses.

Ms Jones added: “Despite local MP Rishi Sunak’s promise to make the Dales a kind of northern Silicon Valley, it takes me longer to load and send this column than it does to write it, so slow is the broadband. There is no mobile signal. There is no Waitrose. There is no mains water, so my supply is full of lead.”

Richmond MP Rishi Sunak admits broadband coverage is poor and he has been campaigning for improvement.

He said: “I am privileged to represent the most beautiful constituency in the country. The only thing that matches the beauty of the landscape here is the friendliness of the people, the strength of community and our justified pride in this very special part of England.

“We do need better broadband and mobile coverage – that’s why it is my top priority and I am fighting hard for it in parliament.”

On Facebook, proud Dales resident Josie Thompson Parker said: We have friendly people, beautiful scenery, Tesco delivery, amazing walks in the Dales, some really nice restaurants, history, and the Co-op does sell tofu.”

Julie Young added: “Beautiful, peaceful, most items can be sourced locally and a very friendly place - God’s own country basically.”