JEREMY Corbyn’s team has issued a roll call of Labour MPs it claims have abused the leader which includes two parliamentarians from the region.

The list of MPs has been released to the press in an attempt to brand Mr Corbyn’s leadership election rival, Owen Smith, as the “real disunity candidate” and argues Mr Smith’s supporters have been abusive.

It includes the names of Anna Turley, MP for Redcar and Tom Blenkinsop, MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland who are both supporting Mr Smith in Labour’s forthcoming leadership election.

Ms Turley resigned from the Shadow Cabinet in June and was one of 180 MPs to express no confidence in Mr Corbyn’s leadership. In fact she praised Mr Corbyn in her resignation letter for being; “kind” and “committed.”

But she went on to say her leader was; “not providing the strong, forward-looking and competent leadership we need,” and that, “I do not believe the Labour Party under your leadership is, or ever will be, in good enough shape to go the public in an election.”

Ms Turley declined to speak directly on the Corbyn team roll todayWED, but said: “People out there look at us and think we’ve taken leave of our senses. I am just going to get on with my job representing the people of Redcar.”

Mr Blenkinsop referred one Labour Party member who he claimed had abused him on Twitter to the police in June and that party member was suspended.

And on Sunday, July 31 he tweeted: “Corbyn is not and has never been a leader.” He later retweeted a message which said: “A vote for Corybn is a vote for a Tory landslide.” He has also called a Corybn supporter an ‘entryist’, again on Twitter, and wrote: “Corbynistas, Momentum (a left-wing campaign group)and the rest of the hard-left: get out of the people’s party.”

Other leading MPs in the national Labour Party have made stronger comments. Jess Phillips told Mr Corbyn’s ally Diane Abbott to “f*** off”, John Woodcock dismissed the party leader as a “f****** disaster” and Tristram Hunt described Labour as “in the s***”.

Other names on the roll call were: Ian Austin, Neil Coyle, Ben Bradshaw, Frank Field, Jamie Reed and Stephen Kinnock.

The Corbyn team issued the list after Mr Smith’s campaign last week released a dossier setting out the abuse in the party it claimed Mr Corbyn had tolerated and claimed he was; “more interested in deepening the divides within the party than winning elections.”

But the leader’s team said it was Mr Smith’s campaign that seems to have been designed to “deepen divisions” in Labour.

Mr Blenkinsop could not be contacted for comment. The leadership contest will conclude on Saturday, September 24.